Cat Litter Scooper Metal Waste Clump Remover



The Pet Litter Scooper eliminates waste from your pet’s litter box efficiently. Made for small to large-sized litter boxes, the Pet Litter Scooper can reach into places other pooper scoopers can’t. The wide mouth allows for deeper scoops and fewer trips to the waste bin. Comes with an adjustable comfortable handle for better grip. Stain resistant.

  • ADJUSTABLE: Comes with a flexible, adjustable handle for better grip when scooping litter.
  • LARGE: Wide mouth helps capture large clumps of litter, allowing for fewer trips to the waste bin.
  • FILTERS: Anti-scatter slides let you keep the clumps in the mouth while eliminating excess sand.
  • DIMENSIONS: 12.5″x5.5″x2″ inches


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